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Inauguration of the 21'th shop and permanent showroom of Kavir Motor in Tehranpars, Tehran

Tehranpars shop and permanent showroom (managed by Naser Nazar'ahari) is prepared to serve customers from November this year, keeping following goals in view:

* Direct sale to customers, bypassing intermediaries, and in long-term installments up to 14 months (without profit) and 24 months.

* Displaying a broad range of products in a single standard environment which provides customers with better choices among diverse products.

* Better branding of products and their presentation to the customer to help her choose what she really needs.

In line with organizational vision of Kavir ("Altering People's Attitude toward Motorcycle Riding"), Kavir team have always tried to respond properly to whatever needs customers of different ages and ranks might have (two-, three-, and four-wheel vehicles; street, off road, and water vehicles). Costumers are provided with a broad variety of electric and petrol vehicles to promote motorcycle riding instead of driving almost empty cars. Thus, Kavir contributes to the reduction of emissions and fuel consumption and helps alleviating the shortage of parking spaces, not to mention becoming a game-changer for the motorcycle riding culture.

Replacing 100,000 almost empty cars with motorcycles would lead to a 125 million liters of fuel saving per year.

In accordance with its social responsibility, Kavir does not content itself with production and sale of vehicles and consider it a duty to provide head-to-toe protection for riders and therefore imports and offers motorcycle apparel and safety products including helmets, riding shoes and gloves, and protectors.

Furthermore, to maintain vehicles Kavir offers a variety of products such as different types of motor oils, detergents, lubricators, oil and air filters and …, with a quality complying with global standards and according to the engine type.

Showroom address: No. 89, Anahid tower, the west end of Damavand st., Tehranpars, Tehran, Iran.

Tehran- 2019-11-24