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With more than 64 years of experience in motorcycle field, having chosen DISTINCTION IN ACTION as its slogan to meet customers’ demands, and determined to promote positive attitudes towards motorcycle riding among the public and, KAVIR Motor, as a prominent motorcycle company in Iran, has secured itself a unique place in this industry thanks to its expert and committed staff. Notwithstanding the economic crises and sanctions against Iran, KAVIR has gained a firm foothold for its manufacturing endeavors and expanded them, by god’s grace and appropriate managerial measures. KAVIR Motor, determined to provide the highest quality products in the motorcycle industry, has directed its efforts towards substituting single-passenger car driving with motorcycle riding, cutting down on dollars spent on import, cutting down on fuel consumption, mitigating traffic congestion, reducing emissions, and helping alleviate the shortage of parking spaces. These endeavors will eventually lead to the enhancement of motorcycle riding culture, while meeting the customers’ needs and responding to the demands of different walks of Iran society. 


 KAVIR Motor rankings with respect to “after-sales services” appraised by Iran Standard and Quality Inspection Co. (ISQI)

 Ranked first with respect to “after-sale service and customers’ satisfaction”, appraised by Iran Standard and Quality Inspection Co. (ISQI), and for 7 consequent years;

 Setting up more than 106 authorized repair shop all around the country;

 Setting up a product line for manufacturing batteries used for electric motorcycles;

 Creating a top-notch fully-equipped repair training center in cooperation with Lv8 and Beta (both from Italy);

 Direct supply of products as a means to meet customers’ satisfaction and to build a communication bridge between the producer and the consumer.

KAVIR Motor has proudly attempted to develop license productions; in line with macro policies of Islamic Republic of Iran and following the directives of the Supreme Leader to the effect that domestic production should be the foundation for the economic boom in the country, KAVIR Motor has embarked on a massive joint venture to build an advanced factory in Isfahan City of Iran equipped with industry 4.0 technology, and unparalleled across Middle East and Africa.

The increasing turn toward motorcycle riding among Iranians, incited us to legally import a 250 cc motorcycle in 2009 (for the first time in 30 years), and thus prepare the foundation for developing related technologies. 

KAVIR Motor manufactures the widest range of products in the motorcycle field in Iran; it is also the biggest importer of European motorcycles and spare parts in the country. Construction of a second well-equipped production line for a wide range of motorcycles in Isfahan and with an area of 10 hectares is another achievement of our company. 

Broad developments and emergence of new approaches, has caused major shifts in attitudes towards manufacturing and using this type of vehicles. Accordingly, and considering the eco-friendly nature of electric motorcycles, senior management of KAVIR put manufacturing and import of such these products on the agenda. Getting rid of internal combustion engine (and its fossil fuel), as well as engine oil and oil pump, is among the benefits of electric motorcycles. Since 2016, KAVIR Motor has launched various brands of street electric motorcycles.      

Creating repair shops and service centers in several cities, and for the full range of products, and developing a country-wide distribution and service network (by broadly granting dealerships) gives KAVIR another point of distinction from rivals. in 2021 and for the 7th consecutive year KAVIR Motor ranked first with respect to after-sales service and customers’ satisfaction, appraised by Iran Standard and Quality Inspection Co. (ISQI). 

Kavir Motor Co. gained the excellent score on conformity with requirements in the implementing regulations for Consumer Protection Act and came first place with respect to after-sales service. This proud achievement is a result of KAVIR offering a wide range of products to high-demanding customers, while customers’ satisfaction is priority number one for all relevant departments. Training the staff and attending to the customers are two continuous practices endorsed by the senior management in KAVIR. 

Concerning direct supply to the customers, displaying products in a standard setting a more accessible way, granting freedom of choice to the customers and anticipating their needs, and brand reinforcement, KAVIR Motor has proved its determination and took a long unprecedented step forward by setting up more than 66 permanent showrooms and several dealerships all around Iran. 

Running a successful motorcycle riding club and managing a team of men and women ricers, is another proud accomplishment for the company. Due to their persistent training and high motivations all teams in the club, from U14 to the veteran, are always in their best condition, as witnessed by their consistent wins in domestic and international sports competitions.

KAVIR Motor has proudly acquired authorized distributorship of some of the most reputable and famous European and Asian companies active in the field of motorcycle, and thus engraved its name as the game-changer in the history of motorcycle industry in Iran. 


KAVIR Motor is the authorized distributer of the brands below;

 KTM (Austria)  Kawasaki (Japan)  Vespa, Piaggio, Mondial, Aprilia, Liberty (all from Italy)  TRS (Spain)  Daelim, Hyosung (South Korea)  Megelli, VMoto, Velocifero, Super SOCO (China)   Quadro (Switzerland)


Our company also distributes products from some reputable companies active in the field of chemicals, spare parts, and accessories for motorcycles, such as;

 MOTOREX (Switzerland)  Dainese, Interphone, Momo Design, TCX, Airoh, AGV, LV8, Polini (all from Italy)   Twin Air (Netherland)  Yuasa, Yoshimura (Japan)  Race Dynamics, Power Tronic (India)  Akrapovic (Slovenia)

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