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 Iran's minister of Industry, Mine and Trade in his visit to Kavir Motor plant in Isfahan:

"We will remove the obstacles faced by producers"

Iran's minister of Industry, Mine and Trade, Reza Rahmani, attended a press conference with industrialists and entrepreneurs in Isfahan province. Having listened to their complaints, he said: "this ministry aims at maintaining the flow of production as well as job creation; we will remove the obstacles faced by producers."

Mentioning some production problems, such as financing and provision of materials, he promised that these will be tackled by the ministry. 

Following a tour of industrial facilities in Isfahan, the minister paid a visit to Kavir Motor plant and some of its product lines. In the visit, Rahim Khodapasand, Kavir Motor CEO, while speaking of the fact that in the present time and for some models the plant is operating in half capacity, described the problems in this field of industry and said: "our annual production capacity is 120 thousands vehicles, however currently we produce 20 thousands vehicles. Four years ago, when economic conditions of the country were better, this number was 60 thousands. You can see for yourself that, considering the population growth in Iran, we have experienced a downward trend."

Mentioning the company's 25 percent share in motorcycle market, Mr. Khodapasand said: "considering the problem of air pollution, we are determined to provide more facilities to costumers of Kavir electric motorcycles."

Kavir motor has set out manufacturing batteries for electric motorcycles; the minister appreciated Kavir's attempts in this regard and reiterated government's full support for domestic products to supply domestic needs.



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