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KAVIR Motor’s KARAJ Permanent Show Room; Now Open

KAVIR Motor has opened its new showroom in Karaj, on this October to reach the following goals:

Customer satisfaction;

  • Direct product delivery, without any mean;
  • Long term installments for 14 (interest free) and 24 months;
  • Products’ showing in standard conditions;
  • Giving more choosing ease to customers by delivering more ranges of products in one place;
  • Better introduction to products and choosing the best option according to customer needs;
  • Giving better services to customers;
  • Brand Strengthening and Promotion;

According to KAVIR Motor‘s organizational vision - “To change the society attitude toward the use of motorcycle” – KAVIR Motor team has been always doing efforts to give positive answer to any need of a customer to deliver varied ranges of two, three, four wheel, street, off-road, and electric motorcycles; as well as personal watercrafts and bicycles for various ages and to promote the use of motorcycles to be used as substitute for single or double passenger cars to reduce the amount of air pollution, fuel consumption, traffic, parking problems in big cities to see changes in the traffic culture of the society. 

We should not forget the fact that substituting the number of 100 thousand of two or three passenger cars with motorcycles will save 125 million liters annually in our country. 

To follow its social commitment, KAVIR Motor does not merely produce and sell the products, but it protects the buyer of a motorcycle from head to toe by importing and delivering protective products including helmets, boots gloves and protective suits especially for motorcycles and riders. 

Moreover, protection from products and to keep their quality is also among commitments of this company. For this reason, KAVIR Motor offers various types of engine oil, cleaners, lubricants, oil filters, air filters and etc having the best and world level quality and adapted to the type of engines. This makes customers to enjoy their riding and to make the products last more. 



2019-10-22 / Kavirmotor / Tehran