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KAVIR Motor's Opening Ceremony of Mass Production Line and Number Registration of Electric Motorcycles

The production line for electric motorcycles with the presence of the Deputy Minister of Industry, the Governor of Isfahan, IRI Parliament Production Special Committee Chairman, some other officials from the country and the provinces, foreign guests and managers of the KAVIR Motor Company was launched in Razi industrial city of Isfahan (KAVIR Motor's plant site).

In the ceremony, the deputy director of transportation in Isfahan province said: "With the assistance of the private sector and the municipality, 50 charging stations are in progress, and in the city and the limits of the historical space of Isfahan for this vehicle, we have to consider a special space."

Dr. Rezaei, a shareholder of the company, spoke about the history of KAVIR Motor, and stated: "KAVIR Motor has succeeded to acquire first place among all the country's manufacturers for three consecutive years from Iran Standard and Quality Inspection under the supervision of the Ministry, in order to satisfy customers in the after-sales service."

He also emphasized: "In order for motorcycles to enter the market, an action that can be a driving engine is needed, and this can be done by the guests attending the ceremony;" he requested the three changes in the laws of the country, which can produce full public receiving for Electric Motorcycles at the community level, as follows:

  • One: Reducing eligibility age for obtaining a certificate from 18 to 16 years,
  • Two: The ability to drive motorcycles for car owners
  • Three: Allow women to drive motorcycles and license them

It should be noted, however, that these three items are recommended for motorcycles L1e, L3e with a maximum speed of 45 km/h.

At the end of the ceremony, in addition to launching the product line, the company's motorcycle was unveiled and then the first motorcycle was numbered.