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Kavir Motor - Drift show - Shahre Aftab - Motorcycle - KTM - Kawasaki - Vespa - TRS - Trial - Cross

Tehran Drift Show 2017

Drifting Technic presentation by car and motorcycle in the International fair of Shahre Aftab, with the attendance of professional athletes, and KAVIR MOTOR Co. sponsorship was held.

In this performance, Koroush Qanbari and Morteza Bina, employing TRS motorcycle trials, Rasoul Najafi, athlete of motocross, employing KTM, had scenic performances.

Also, Ehsan Sariey and Mohammadreza Rouhi, presented drifting technics.

The drift show was from 27th of Nov. to the 1st of Dec, 2017.


KAVIR Motor attends in the 2nd Tehran International Car Fair