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Kavir Motor, Equipped Repair Shop, Motorcycle,

KAVIR Motor, having the Most Modern and Best-Equipped Repair Shop in Iran

KAVIR Motor’s Central Repair Shop and service center, at the heart of motorcycle market in Tehran and equipped with the most modern repair shop equipment and tools, is the best repair shop in Iranian motorcycle industry. KAVIR Motor does its best to make the slogan of “Distinction in Action” come true by world-level modernizing and standardizing its repair shop network such as what was done for its sales show rooms. (POS)

KAVIR Motor’s central repair shop and service center makes use of Italian brands of LV8 repair shop equipment, BETA tools, BAPRO dynometer road simulation bench, and of various dedicated diagnostic tools, and skilled and expert human powers can give response to a varied spectrum of technical and service needs of customers in motorcycle sector.

KAVIR Motor has been evaluated by Iranian Standard & Quality Inspection Co. (ISQI) under the supervision of Iranian Ministry of Industry, Mine and Trade and has obtained the highest rate among 32 Iranian manufacturers for “after services and customer satisfaction” for the two recent consecutive years.