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KAVIR Motor's 5th Showroom in Iran - ktm - kawasaki - atv - motorcycle - mtv - bicycle

KAVIR Motor's 5th Permanent Showroom in Iran

Following warm welcome form customers and visitors form its show rooms, KAVIR Motor officially opened its 5th permanent showroom in Iran that is its 3rd permanent showroom and shopping center in Tehran on September 12, 2016.

KAVIR Motor, takes this major step in order to "change the society's attitude toward making use of motorcycle" and as one of the Company's main vision criteria. 

KAVIR’s 3rd permanent showroom in Tehran was welcomed and visited by fans, users, and industrial activist of motorcycle and bicycle section.

Just like its other showrooms, KAVIR features a varied spectrum of world’s best brands of Europe and Asia in the motorcycle industry, especially KTM and Kawasaki.

Address: Shahid Chamran Sports complex, Shariati St., Tehran.