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History Megelli

The history of MEGELLI

MEGELLI Motorcycles was created to fulfill the demand for new products within the market-place. MEGELLI made the decision to create an innovative motorcycle brand; each of the unique models has been engineered and designed from the ground upwards. The financial and technical commitment required for such a project is substantial, but the team has embraced this challenge with passion, skill and integrity, focusing on the key areas of design quality and engineering production. 

MEGELLI is the creation of the team at SLD UK Ltd, whose vision and drive has enabled the realization of this new and exciting brand of motorcycles. "From the original idea, to the realization within 3 years".

Using a wealth of knowledge at one of Europe's leading Motorcycle design centers, linked with a well respected UK vehicle production and engineering company, the functionality, reliability and sheer stunning appearance has been crafted into what is truly a desirable series of MEGELLI motorcycles.


A creative company with knowledge and experience of the industry was crucial to fulfill MEGELLI’s requirements. A team who believed in its goals and understood our concept of the final product was selected from the leading European motorcycle designers. Cutting edge C.A.D. technology was used to transfer the original design data into computerized virtual design, breathing new life to the process. The end result could be viewed and analyzed ensuring compliance with the strict design and engineering criteria, prior to any physical part being produced. 

With the virtual designs completed, a prominent European motorcycle engineering company was commissioned to test the structural properties and feasibility of the designs; again, using a computer generated virtual process of Finite Element Analysis (FEA). This provided assurance and confidence to take the next step of producing physical working models for PAVE testing, consisting of endurance, fatigue and reliability.

Over 50,000 PAVE test miles were clocked up during this process. Overall outcome can be seen in a wide spectrum in which 250R is ready to mention.