KAVIR Motorcycle MV Agusta Naked Brutale 1090

Brutale 1090

KAVIR Motor MV Agusta KAVIR Motorcycle MV Agusta Naked Brutale 1090
KAVIR Motor Brutale 1090  Color Meshki

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KAVIR Motorcycle MV Agusta Naked Brutale 1090 KAVIR Motorcycle MV Agusta Naked Brutale 1090
KAVIR Motorcycle MV Agusta Naked Brutale 1090 KAVIR Motorcycle MV Agusta Naked Brutale 1090
KAVIR Motorcycle MV Agusta Naked Brutale 1090 KAVIR Motorcycle MV Agusta Naked Brutale 1090
KAVIR Motorcycle MV Agusta Naked Brutale 1090 KAVIR Motorcycle MV Agusta Naked Brutale 1090
KAVIR Motorcycle MV Agusta Naked Brutale 1090 KAVIR Motorcycle MV Agusta Naked Brutale 1090


        ENGINE TYPE :

Four-cylinder , 4-stroke



        POWER :

106kw (144 hp) @ 10300 rpm

        VALVE TRAIN :

16valve, DOHC


6-speed, cassette type

        STARTER :


        TACHOMETER :

Analog needle



        ODOMETER :

Analog needle


        FUEL SYSTEM :

Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI)




        WEIGHT - without fuel :



        WARRANTY :

24 months, unlimited mileage


The main characteristics of the MV Agusta Brutale are:

  • In-line 4-cylinder engine with two maximum power configurations
  • 8-level traction control
  • Modular frame with tubular steel trellis section and aluminium plates to provide high torsional rigidity
  • Single-sided swing arm with preload-adjustable shock
  • 50 mm upside-down fork
  • Brakes with radial front calipers


The in-line 4-cylinder MV Agusta engine – a part of motorcycling history – powers the entire Brutale range. With a displacement of 1078 cc, it has a bore and stroke of 79 mm and 55 mm respectively. Its double overhead camshaft timing system with four valves per cylinder, arranged in a radial pattern, is unique within the motorcycle industry. 

While water-cooled, the engine also features an additional oil radiator. Two engine configurations are offered, each with different maximum power and torque values: the Brutale 1090 and Brutale 1090 R put out 144 hp (106 kW) at 10,300 rpm and 112 Nm (11.4 kgm) of torque; the Brutale 1090 RR reaches an impressive power peak of 158 hp (116.5 kW) at 11,900 rpm and 100 Nm (10.2 kgm) of torque at 10,100 rpm.  

The cartridge-like removable gearbox is a six-speed, constant-mesh unit, adding another touch of bold MV Agusta exclusivity. The oil-bath multi-plate clutch on the Brutale 1090 RR features an effective mechanical anti-patter device.

BRUTALE 1090 engine
BRUTALE 1090 design


An inspired combination of form and function ensures the Brutale continues to fascinate and evolve in numerous areas. For example, the bright daytime running lights, arranged symmetrically on either side of the dashboard cover, enhance the look of the whole frontal section while boosting motorcycle visibility and therefore safety, both day and night. Another key feature is, of course, the four-cylinder engine, now silver, a colour that emphasizes its compactness and the conscientious construction of all its individual parts.  The same colour has been extended to the new wheels, which feature a unique multiple slit-spoke design that is both incredibly eye-catching and highly efficient, as the wheel set is now 1.5 kg lighter than that fitted on previous models. The two new dual exhaust tailpipes, a key design feature, now have an even more pronounced racing look thanks to their tapered ends and a decisive diagonal cut reminiscent of American dragsters. Compactness has been enhanced by the clean surface finish, and the aluminium plate that prevents contact with the pipes has been redesigned.
Upgrades have also been implemented on the tail light, now with latest-generation contour illumination technology, and on the rear view mirrors, of a revised design on the Brutale 1090.  On the Brutale 1090 R and Brutale 1090 RR the front indicators are incorporated in the mirrors, adding panache and streamlining the vehicle, while the rear indicators use LEDs. The design of the compact, unique tail is also improved by a lighter, more essential metal plate holder.
On the Brutale 1090 the new one-piece seat features more ergonomic shaping and an even classier finish. Lastly, the front fender has been redesigned with ample weight-reduction slits.


The composite frame of the Brutale consists of a high-strength tubular ALS steel front section and two aluminium plates in the single-sided swingarm pivot zone. 

This configuration provides an optimal balance between efficiency and weight and gives every MV Agusta a highly distinctive look. 

Basic dimensions and measurements remain unaltered: a wheelbase of 1438 mm on the Brutale 1090 RR (1430 mm on the Brutale 1090 and Brutale 1090 R) and a trail of 103.5 mm.

BRUTALE 1090 Frame
BRUTALE 1090 Suspensions


A continually refined and upgraded suspension system ensures the Brutale continues to set unbeatable bike handling standards. 

The 50 mm front fork is fully adjustable by means of special external adjusters: compression on one fork stanchion, rebound on the other and spring preload on both. The new fork bottom features a front wheel quick release mechanism, adding a touch of practicality generally absent on race bikes. 

The monoshock also provides good adjustability, with some variations between versions. On the Brutale 1090 and Brutale 1090 R riders can adjust damper rebound and spring preload; the Brutale 1090 RR, instead, offers a broader adjustment range as, in addition to spring preload and rebound damping, compression can also be adjusted with separate high speed/low speed response regulation.


Every Brutale braking system employs components of only the highest quality: two 310 mm front floating discs for the Brutale 1090 and Brutale 1090 R, 320 mm instead on the Brutale 1090 RR, with steel braking rotor. The rear disc is also made of steel and has a diameter of 210 mm.  

Calipers are four-piston front and rear; the Brutale 1090 RR employs Brembo monobloc front calipers for maximum braking efficiency and weight reduction.

BRUTALE 1090 Brakes



  • Matt black
  • Matt pearl white
  • Matt metallic grey
BRUTALE 1090 colours and pricing