KAVIR Motorcycle Aprilia shiver 750

Shiver 750

KAVIR Motor APRILIA KAVIR Motorcycle Aprilia shiver 750
KAVIR Motor Shiver 750  Color Meshki KAVIR Motor Shiver 750  Color
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KAVIR Motorcycle Aprilia shiver 750 KAVIR Motorcycle Aprilia shiver 750
KAVIR Motorcycle Aprilia shiver 750 KAVIR Motorcycle Aprilia shiver 750
KAVIR Motorcycle Aprilia shiver 750 KAVIR Motorcycle Aprilia shiver 750
KAVIR Motorcycle Aprilia shiver 750 KAVIR Motorcycle Aprilia shiver 750
KAVIR Motorcycle Aprilia shiver 750 KAVIR Motorcycle Aprilia shiver 750


        ENGINE TYPE :

Two-cylinde, 4-stroke



        POWER :

127.4kw (95 hp) @ 9000 rpm

        VALVE TRAIN :

Eight-valve, DOHC



        STARTER :


        TACHOMETER :

Analog needle



        ODOMETER :



        FUEL SYSTEM :

Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI)




        WEIGHT - without fuel :



        WARRANTY :

24 months, unlimited mileage

Best in class

Introduced on the market in 2007, the Aprilia Shiver 750 astonished the motorcycle world for its unprecedented contents. The Shiver 750 was in fact the first bike ever to be equipped with the Ride by Wire electronic throttle, a true revolution, a true historic transition as that from the analogue to the digital world. This technology, still unmatched by the direct competition, complements the excellent standard equipment which makes the Shiver “best in class”. Of course the Shiver 750 has evolved over time: Ride by Wire has become second generation, the ergonomics have been improved, with new handlebars and a tapered saddle, while a slight cosmetic facelift has made it even more appealing.

The 90° V engine is a true milestone: a 750 capable of reaching the performance of engines with far bigger cubic capacity, boasting truly cutting-edge technical solutions. Thanks to these, the twin-cylinder Aprilia is able to combine high specific power with maximum usability and riding ease. Consistently generous and available torque across a wide range of revs, negligible vibrations, full output and best in class power are just some of the special features of the Aprilia 750 V2. But that's not all: thanks to the fine electronic engine control and the Ride by Wire, power is always perfectly manageable, handling at low revs is assured and fuel is saved, also benefiting reliability over time.

Thanks to the Ride by Wire, at the touch of the start button, the rider can select, even on the move (but with the throttle closed) one of the 3 maps, radically changing the character of the bike: 
• SPORT: direct and immediate response, for a more exciting ride; 
• TOURING: smoother accelerator response, ideal in traffic;
• RAIN: reduces available torque by 25% for poor grip and wet road conditions.

The key point of the success of the Shiver 750 is due to its exceptional chassis equilibrium which provides maximum enjoyment for the expert rider and the same riding ease for the neophyte. Only one bike for a very wide range of riders of different experience: a truly hard to match result.

Aprilia, famous throughout the world for its chassis, has designed a really out of the ordinary frame for the Shiver 750, constituted by a tubular steel trellis and pressed aluminium plates. Thanks also to the particular compactness of the 750 V2 engine, it was possible to create an equally compact and slim chassis. The aluminium swingarm con stiffening truss has been dimensioned to support the asymmetrical stresses caused by lateral positioning of the shock absorber. The swingarm has a stiffness which is a benchmark for the category.

The 43 mm upside-down front fork with shell-cast feet to support the radial callipers benchmark smoothness. Its 120 mm stroke means it can tackle both the city and the stress of a sports riding style. The lateral shock absorber with is directly hinged to the swingarm in a cantilever configuration and has adjustable spring preload and hydraulic return.

To the existing radial calipers, a solution for which it was a pioneer in the field, the Shiver 750 adds brake discs with wave profile that provide, in addition to a different aesthetic impact, more determined braking. On the rear wheel there is a 245 mm disc with single-piston caliper, which provides adequate support to the front brake. The system is completed by metal braid hoses, able to ensure the optimum performance consistency even under prolonged stress.